NFL Picks

Week 11 picks
Bad week. only got 5 picks right. lets hope for better this week.
Bears @ Dolphins - Bears but even with the dolphins being short at QB I'm not confident in this pick
Packers @ Vikings - Vikings
Redskins @ Titans - Titans
Cardinals @ Chiefs -Chiefs
Lions @ Cowboys - Cowboys but it pains me and I don't think it's a for sure thing
Bills @ Bengals - Bengals
Ravens @ Panthers - Ravens
Browns @ Jaguars - Browns
Raiders @ Steelers - Steelers
Texans @ Jets - Jets
Seahawks @ Saints - Saints
Buccaneers @ 49ers - 49ers
Falcons @ Rams - Falcons
Colts @ Patriots - Colts
Giants @ Eagles - Eagles
Broncos @ Chargers - Chargers

Week 10 Picks
Last week i went 9-4 with my picks. Not bad. Let's see how it goes this week.
Ravens @ Falcons - Falcons
Lions @ Bills - Lions, even with Stafford down I'll take Shaun Hill over Fitzpatrick
Vikings @ Bears - Vikings
Jets @ Browns - Jets, although part of me wants to pick the Browns.
Titans @ Dolphins - Titans
Panthers @ Buccaneers - Bucs
Texans @ Jaguars - Texans
Chiefs @ Broncos - Chiefs
Cowboys @ Giants - Giants
Seahawks @ Cardinals - Seahawks
Rams @ 49ers - 49ers
Patriots @ Steelers - Steelers
Eagles @ Redskins - Redskins

I've just recently decided to do this. I should of started it earlier but here we NFL Week 9 picks...
(5-2)New York Jets vs (2-5)Detriot Lions- I'll go out on a limb here and say upset, I'll take the Lions
(5-3)New Orleans Saints vs (1-6)Carolina Panthers- Saints
(5-2)Tamba Bay Buccaneers vs (5-2)Atlanta Falcons- Falcons
(4-3)Miami Dolphins vs (5-2)Baltimore Ravens- Ravens
(3-5)San Diego Chargers vs (4-3)Houston Texans- Chargers
(3-4)Arizona Cardinals vs (2-5)Minnesota Vikings- Vikings
(4-3)Chicago Bears vs (0-7)Buffalo Bills- Bills get their first win
(6-1)New England Patriots vs (2-5)Cleveland Browns-The Cheaters continue to win, Damn Patriots
(5-2)New York Giants vs (4-3)Seattle Seahawks- Giants
(5-2)Indianapolis Colts vs (4-3)Philadelphia Eagles- hard to pick against him so i say Peyton wins
(5-2)Kansas City Chiefs vs (4-4)Oakland Raiders- Raiders
(1-6)Dallas Cowboys @ (5-3)Green Bay Packers- Packers
(5-2)Pittsburgh Steelers @ (2-5)Cincinnati Bengals- Steelers

I'll be doing this for the rest of the season.

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